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You know you’re dating an Italian when…

Af den 19. september 2016

After have been dating an Italian for a while you start noticing you’re doing things a little bit differently. Here are 10 signs that will prove me right (or wrong?).

1. You’re doing a lot more hand gestures!

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2. You never use a knife when you eat pasta… never!

3. You start answering the phone with a: “Prrrrrrronto”!

4. Eating dinner before 10 PM is just late lunch.

5. First you eat the pasta… then you eat the meat…

… then you eat the potatoes.. then you eat the vegetables… then you eat/drink your ‘sorbet limone’… then you drink the coffee… And it takes all together about 10 min to eat.

6. You always eat bread… at every meal!

7. … and the older the bread is, the better it tastes…

8. Olive oil… must have olive oil.

9. Breakfast = an espresso and a “brioche” (a crossaint or a Danish)

10. If you won’t lick your kitchen sink (or anything else in your kitchen)…

… it’s not clean enough.

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